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    Harnessing the power of innovation at Idea: Unlocking the potential of tomorrow
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    Digital Transformation through Cutting-edge Research in various Areas
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    Sustainable Digital Transformation for Positive Societal Impact

Harnessing the power of ideas and innovation, unlocking the potential of tomorrow

Our experienced team utilizes the latest technologies and techniques to provide innovative solutions. Our commitment to R&D supports digital transformation that has a positive societal impact, improving people's lives and driving sustainable development.

Research Areas

Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0 marks the era of smart, connected, and collaborative systems that drive innovation and transform the future of manufacturing.

Digital Health

Is the convergence of technology with health to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery, improving the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Smart Cities & Green Energy

Smart Cities powered by Green Energy sources are the key to building sustainable communities and combating climate change.

Smart Tourism

Integration of next-generation technologies to enhance the visitor experience, promote cultural and environmental awareness.

Fishery & Maritime Traffic

Advanced solutions to enable sustainable management and movement of ships, goods and people.

Smart Agrifood

Innovative technologies, precision farming and data-driven insights to improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of agriculture and food production.

Projects & Initiatives

Madeira Digital Health and Wellbeing Initiative

Collaborative initiative that aims to promote the application of digital technologies to health and wellbeing. It serves as a platform for building a strong...

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Come to be a part of the team!

Join a team that is passionate about creating innovative solutions.

  • Innovative projects where you can bring your own ideas.
  • We cherish collaboration and diversity. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds to join us.
  • Work-life balance and remote friendly.
  • We value and support continuous education.
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September 2023

We are seeking experienced and innovative senior researchers to lead cutting-edge projects and drive impactful discoveries.

Software Engineer

September 2023

You are experienced in creating automated testing, applying design patterns and other engineering best practices.

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